Rig. Punch. Swing.


Florida summers are nothing short of brutal. Ten hours of blazing hot sun and a likely shower or thunderstorm to top it off. Believe it or not though, you can catch some giant bass. 

Matted vegetation is a sure fire way to string together a hefty sack of fish. I'll have 5 rods on hand at any given time during the summer months. Three of which specifically rigged for pitching and punching. Two other tools that come in handy are a Toad or weedless topwater bait and a Texas rigged senko. 

I'll be sure to hit the sparse cover and outside edges of mats with the toad and follow up any short strikes or misses with the senko. As for punching goes, i prefer multiple setups to cover all my needs. Matted vegetaion wont always be the same density; therefore, having several rods rigged is a must. 

ill always have three rods on deck. first, a 7'6" heavy action Halo paired with a Shimano Curado and a 1oz tungsten weight from Mathead Tackle. (matheadtackle.com). Next i have a 7'11" heavy action Omen Black again paired with the Curado and a 1.25oz. Lastly, i have the meat stick- a 7'6" extra heavy Halo and a 1.5oz. 

Bait selection will vary but keeping it simple seems to work the best. A black/blue creature bait is a good start.